Memento for Eight-Belles: Equine Scrimshaw
Horse foot, Ink

Memento for Eight-Belles

When I was a child my mom told me the story of a racehorse who was ridden so hard that, upon crossing the finish line, she broke her two front ankles. She was then euthanized on the track in front of the thousands of onlookers in the stands.

Equine Scrimshaw

“Equine Scrimshaw” makes a comparison between the industries of horse-racing and commercial whaling by appropriating the craft of scrimshaw and using it to create an object to pay homage to that horse.

Price of Silver

“Price of Silver” forces the question, is a silver medal at the Kentucky Derby worth the price of the death and suffering of the horse who strained to achieve it.

Memento for Eight-Belles: Price of Silver
Horse foot, Pewter