Artist Statement

     My interest lies in the space that separates us from what’s above, that partition between the immutable and decay. I believe religion resides within this space and that art is often a way to grasp at it. I often consider myself as a thinker rather than as a maker or as an artist. I view my art as a vehicle through which to express and communicate my thoughts. I believe the highest use of art is to connect us to the deeply human concerns which I believe we all share; issues of morality, shared struggles, and ultimately, our mortality.

     In my work I explore what I call “material ascendancy”, that is the belief that an object may contain characteristics or qualities which transcend its mere materiality. An example of this is how we may make a wish as we blow a fallen eyelash off a fingertip, but would make no consideration of our dreams or desires when presented with any ordinary stray hair. I choose my materials based on these relationships and build a framework for them primarily out of metal.

     Religion and Art both have a long history of appropriation. This practice plays a large role within my own work. I research materials which speak to my concepts and utilize whatever technique necessary to convey them. This leads my work in new directions such as through the use of pig intestine as a way to reference the body. I think art should connect us to something bigger and that through devoting one's work we stay grounded and our work gains purpose.